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Metabolism Testing

What is metabolic testing?

Your metabolism gets the blame for a lot of things - excess weight, being underweight, diabetes, heart conditions - poor metabolism!

We might say we have a poor metabolism, but do we actually?

Your metabolism is the way your body processes the foods you eat and maintains your energy levels. Your metabolism can be affected by many things, including your food intake, how active you are, your background, your sex, age, hormone levels, and stress levels. We can understand your daily energy requirements, but also how efficient you are at burning fat, or if you are relying on carbohydrates, and understand how well your cells are creating energy.  It's quite a lot to think about, right? So, reducing our metabolism down to "slow" or "fast" is a little bit of an over simplification. 

Now, we can help you understand your metabolism, using something

called Indirect Calorimetry. This is a technique that has been used for

many years in hospital settings and in research, and is starting to make

it's way into general practice. 

Using Indirect Calorimetry, we can understand how your metabolism

is functioning, and create a individualised roadmap to take your

metabolism to a healthier place.

How does it work? Well, you have to breathe into a tube, but not like

you do for an alcohol breath test. Just nice, easy breathing while you are sat down in a comfy chair for about 5 minutes - that's it! (Well, you do have to wear a nose peg at the same time). Then we can take those results and use them to come up with a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals. This might include dietary advice, planning exercise, or additional pathology tests with your GP.

So, don't rely on guesswork, get your metabolism tested today to achieve your goals quicker!

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