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Consultations are individualised to your needs and the concerns you raise with your Dietitian. More information can be found below about what to expect from your consultations as you progress. Consultations can be provided in person or via telehealth (online video call or via the phone). At Habits for Health, we know your time is valuable and we allocate your appointment time to you alone. We do not double book or overlap our appointment times. Our consultations are longer so that you have the time required to discuss your concerns with your consultant, and we do our best to keep all appointments on time. 

Your initial consultation:

Get a head start on your goals with help from your consultant!

In this one hour consultation, we help you unpack your relationship with food, understand how your food behaviours have brought you to where you are today, and establish a plan to reach your goals.

  • 1 hour consultation

  • Explore your diet history with your consultant

  • Gain clarity on your food behaviours and habits

  • Set achievable goals and strategies to help you achieve them

  • Eating Disorder concerns: Discuss with your consultant the appropriate amounts and frequency of eating, develop simple strategies for managing your eating disorder thoughts and behaviours.

  • Diabetes concerns: Understand the biology of diabetes and how this affects the body, understand basic needs for living with diabetes, discuss main areas for change to improve your blood sugar levels.

  • IBS concerns: Understand why your gut may be affected by the foods you're eating, leave with a plan for symptom management, and with the understanding of secondary options should initial treatments be unsuccessful.


You will leave your consultation with the confidence and clarity on your next steps.

Fee: $199

Your Review Consultations:

Review Consultations may be scheduled for 30 minutes ($99), 45 minutes ($149) or 60 minutes ($199), depending on your need. Most review consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes. 

In your review consultations, your consultant will review your progress from your previous sessions, and discuss any areas which were difficult for you to implement. Your consultant and yourself will strategise alternative techniques to assist you achieve your goals. If you haven't been able to change your eating since your last appointment, that just means we need a new plan, not that you did something wrong!

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