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Feel Empowered to Master your Diabetes

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Taking back control.

If you've just been diagnosed with diabetes, it can be a confusing and scary time. Many of our clients feel they haven't had enough support after their diagnosis - that is, until they see us!

We help you understand your condition, so you can be the one in charge of your health. We can take you through finger prick testing and interpreting those results, as well as understanding your GP test results. 

As well as that there are many lifestyle changes you may benefit from, including dietary changes, being regularly active, optimising your sleep patterns and managing stress. If this all sounds a little overwhelming, we can help you navigate this turbulent time, minus the overwhelm.

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Diabetes Management Center
Home | Habits for Health Nutrition | Perth

Comprehensive Lifestyle Management.

While you can rely on medication to manage your diabetes, lifestyle changes are a big component of blood sugar management. Making changes to your diet, exercising regularly and managing stress are all important aspects of living a healthy life with diabetes and keeping your blood sugar levels under control, without medication.

At Habits for Health, we want to help you live your healthiest life. That means combining lifestyle management techniques with medication.  That's why we created our Empowered Diabetes Course, to help you understand your condition, and understand the steps to take to get back in control again - food changes, blood sugar management, exercise plans, we've got it.

And if you've struggled with making changes before? We get it. Our clinicians are specifically trained to help you overcome old, bad habits and help you create healthy, new habits. In fact, we're so passionate about this area, we created a course on it!

We can help you adjust your diet to naturally reduce your blood glucose levels.

For some people, small adjustments are all that are required, for others, dramatically

cutting down on carbohydrates is required to lower blood glucose levels.

This does not suit everyone, and our goal is to work with what you feel is possible, so that you can reach your optimal health. 

To get some help managing your diabetes, contact us today!

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