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Make healthy changes & avoid the diet trap

Are you looking to make healthy changes without getting stuck in the yo-yo diet trap?

We can help.

As non-diet dietitians, we look for ways to help you make healthier choices, without focusing on your weight.

What does that look like?

Well, for one, we won't give you a meal plan. 

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No meal plans.

I know, that's what dietitians are known for, right?

But the truth is, you could get a diet plan from anywhere. In fact, you've probably been on one before. Maybe it's still lurking in a cupboard somewhere...

But here you are, looking for help again. 

Why? Because "diets" don't work. At least, not in the long run.

Maybe you lose weight in the first few weeks, but it's not fun. And then there's that wedding, or holiday, or your birthday, or a friends birthday, or your neighbours dogs birthday and...somehow the diet just doesn't fit in.

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Heal your relationship with food and develop healthy habits

So if not dieting, then what?

We focus on helping you heal your relationship with food and develop healthy habits you can stick to for life.

Sound a bit wishy-washy? What does "healing your relationship with food" actually mean?

You know when you have a hard day at work, you're really stressed out and you practically inhale that family block of chocolate?

Or when you want to share that family block of chocolate but you can't relax because you are worried you are missing out on exactly your half?

Or you tell yourself "that's it, from Monday I'm going on a diet", and Monday morning is great, but by dinner time you're back at the takeaway getting that burger you promised yourself you would never eat again?

These are all signs you may have an unhealthy relationship with food.

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We help you unpack your feelings and attitudes towards food, and then we rebuild, healthier.
As part of our rebuild, we start inserting healthy building blocks, healthy habits that will see you getting healthier every day.

Not just physically healthy, but mentally healthier too.

No more dieting, no more "good" vs. "bad" foods, just healthy, intuitive eating.

This may sound scary for some people. Just know we can go as deep as you want to go.

Just want to get some healthy habits? No problems.

Want to unpack 30 years of dieting and poor eating habits? We're here for that too.

Book in with us to get started on your health journey today.