Weight Management and Health

Whether you're looking to lose or gain weight, weight management is a deeply personal issue.

Weight management is only so useful as to help you live healthier (and longer, and happier!), so while we may check your weight, the most important aspect is that you are making healthy choices on a regular basis. This will help reduce your chances of developing nutrition related health issues later in life.

If you are currently considered overweight, making small, high impact changes can reduce your risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dementia and suffering from heart attack or stoke. Weight loss is not as important as the lifestyle changes that you make to reduce your risk, these often result in weight loss.

If you are currently underweight, or have unintentionally lost a lot of weight recently, you may be at risk of malnutrition. This means you may not be receiving all the nutrients you need, and could be at risk of a nutrient deficiency, such as anaemia from low iron levels, or osteoporosis from low calcium intake.

If you want help with either of these areas, get in touch with us today!