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Saving Heirloom Tomatoes

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

As some of you may have heard (I have been telling EVERYONE) I was representing HFH at the Perth Tomato Festival at the SJ Farmers Markets last Saturday.

I love tomatoes and I LOVED the festival.

The best thing about the festival? Taking home some DELICIOUS heirloom tomatoes.

I was sweet enough to share them with my family (generosity indeed!) and we all agreed - heirloom tomatoes are THE BEST.

So of course, I needed to save the seeds for my veggie patch.

There are (so far as I know) two ways to save tomato seeds, so of course I tried both to see which has the best outcome.

The first, and most common, is to scoop out your seeds into a container, add some water and wait for them to ferment off the "jelly". Once this is done, you can dry them out on paper towel.

The second is to skip the fermenting step and lay them out on paper towel, jelly and all.

<<<<You can see my efforts here.

I had two types of tomatoes: Jarrahdale beefsteak and cherry.

The "straight-to-paper-towel" seeds dried very quickly and could have been sown that afternoon. The fermenting beefsteak seeds were ready to go after a few days, but the cherry tomato seeds took a bit longer.

Unfortunately, at this stage, someone (who will not be named but received a very stern talking to) thought my fermenting seeds were trash and washed them down the sink.

Yes, it physically pains me.

So, that means I only have the "straight-to-paper-towel" seeds to plant.

Oh well, live and learn. Let's see how these seeds go!

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