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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

If you live in Australia, you've no doubt been to a "bring-a-plate" event. When my Grandparents first came out to Australia, they turned up to their first Aussie BBQ with just that - two plates, no food. It's certainly an easier way to do it!

Thinking of what to bring can be a pretty time-consuming process, especially if you are trying to think of healthy options that people will actually enjoy.

Here are my top 10 healthy (healthier!) "bring-a-plate" foods.

1. Fruit salad - how can you go past this one? Easy to put together and there's something for everyone. Plus you don't even need to try for it to look pretty - throw them all together in a bowel and it look amazing!

2. Veggie sticks - of course I had to include this! It's the staple dietitian food! Instead of just the carrots and celery that you typically see, why not try including halved grape tomatoes, snow peas or capsicum sticks for a bit more variety?

3. It wouldn't be right to have veggie sticks without dip right? If you can make your own, fantastic! (You can check out my recipe for guacamole here if you fancy it) If

Use this table to find healthier options - remember, its unlikely you will find a product that hits all the green in these categories, so just choose the best of the bunch!

you are short on time, try to buy one with the least salt, sugar and fat. Check out our handy nutrition guide to point you in the right direction. Remember its unlikely you will find one that fits all of the categories perfectly, so just choose the best option. >>>

4. If you're not one for veggie sticks but you still like dips (or you just want a bit of variety), crackers can be a good alternative. The trick is to get the grainy crackers - the least processed the better is a general rule for most food items. Again use this >> as a guide to help choose the best option.

5. Of course I have to say salad - but not as you know it! I'm not talking about a boring old garden salad, why not try something a bit fancier like this Greek salad or try my Fattoush.

Skewers are a great option to mix meat and vegetables.

6. Skewers - okay here's something a little bit different but one that I promise is a hit at parties. why not make up some veggie skewers? I absolutely love this combination of bocconcini, basil and cherry tomato and it is loved at all events I take it to (to be honest I don't bother with the added pesto - its delicious without!). But you could try other versions - cooked vegetables and halloumi work great - especially if you are going to a BBQ!

7. If you have a sweet tooth (like me!) and you want something to satisfy your craving without going crazy on the cheesecake, why not try choc-dipped strawberries? You can use dark chocolate because I usually find the strawberries are sweet enough, just melt the chocolate and dip your strawberries in, and set in the fridge!

8. Another sweet kick that's still healthier than the average cake - peanut butter mini tarts. But be warned - these might not last long!

9. As a healthier alternative to those deep fried spring rolls, have you considered rice paper rolls? Easy to make, they look great, and they are a hit at parties. Why not try this recipe?

10. We all know sausage rolls go down a treat at parties, so why not try making your own? Have a go at this recipe next time!

BONUS - as something really different, why not drink some fresh juice instead? Here's a cool recipe for those hot Aussie days.

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