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Living with Diabetes

The best indication that your diabetes is under control is your blood glucose (or sugar) tests, both your at home finger pricks and your three-monthly tests from the GP.


If you are unhappy with the results you are seeing (or your GP is) our diabetes educator and dietitians can help you get your blood results back in a healthy range.

There are many reasons why your blood glucose tests might not be hitting your targets. People most commonly think of food, which is certainly a factor, but exercise, stress, illness and sleep can all impact your blood glucose levels.

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Yearly Check-ins

As diabetes is a chronic condition, its a good idea to check in with your diabetes educator (that's us!) every 12 months to ensure you are still on the right track. 

We can help you understand your condition when you are first diagnosed, and then adapt your life to best control your condition.


As you become more familiar with how to manage it yourself, you may only need to see us when things start getting off track, but having a 12 month check in is a good way to make sure you're on track before any major issues occur.

We can help you adjust your diet to naturally reduce your blood glucose levels.

For some people, small adjustments are all that are required, for others, dramatically

cutting down on carbohydrates is required to lower blood glucose levels.

This does not suit everyone, and our goal is to work with what you feel is possible, so that you can reach your optimal health. 

To get some help managing your diabetes, contact us today!