Rivervale Clinic

Hey, Rivervale! Are you looking for an expert dietitian and diabetes educator to help you manage your health concerns? 

Charlotte works by focusing on small changes to your life that give you big bang for you buck. As a dietitian and diabetes educator, so she can assist you with a range of concerns. She specialises in:

Emotional eating

Eating disorders

Fertility nutrition

Type 2 diabetes - optimising your blood sugar levels

Type 1 diabetes - using CGM and Medtronic pumps to manage your blood sugar levels

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Charlotte works at Kooyong Medical Centre on Monday mornings.

We are located inside the Kooyong Medical Centre, at 102 Kooyong Road. You can find us on Google Maps here.

Rivervale Dietitian Diabetes Educator

Call or Email us now to book your appointment:

E: hello@habitsforhealthnutrition.com

P: 0422 480 159