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Body Composition Scan

What's it like to get a body composition scan done?
Check out our video to see the whole process - it only takes 60 seconds!

Your body composition scan will tell you:
- How much muscle, fat and skeletal mass is in your body.
- Where you are storing your fat - is it in "safer" or "less healthy" zones?
- Your bio-age - does it match your actual age, is it better or worse?
- Your bio-wellness score (out of 10)
Plus, as you make changes, you can track your readings and make sure you are improving and maintaining muscle mass.


Track your results over time!
Scanning regularly means you can visualise your progress. You'll get a print out of your results, and you can download the Evolt app to get more information, see your progress and compare to your previous scans.


Take the next step in your health journey today!

Evolt Body compsition scans are included in our 15 minute Health Check appointments, as well as in our Metabolic Testing Appointments.

Scans can be added to any standard appointment for just $20.

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